2020 Plan

2020 Time to DREAM BIG!!  Have you taken the time to plan your 2020 goals?  Why does it matter that you achieve success with these goals?  What do you believe that you are capable of achieving this year?  Just writing out these goals will not be enough,  in order to succeed you need to create an action plan and live these goals daily.  What is one step that you can take today to bring you closer to meeting your goals?  Intention gives attention and direction to action.  Once you set an intention,  you can proceed with clarity and make better decisions in pursuit of your goals.  Research has proven that when goals are written out and you share the action plan and commitments with a friend or a coach,  along with weekly updates,  you are more likly to succeed.  You will likly take bigger steps when others are asking you about it.  What do you want and what can you do to move forward?  Once you are absolutely clear on what you want,  you will know what to do to achieve success.  What will happen if you don't achieve these new goals?  How will your life be different once you successfully achieve your goals?  How will you feel,  what will you be doing?  What are some productive lifestyle habits from last year that will contribute to the success of your goals?  What is something that can be changed in your lifestyle?  At the end of 2020,  how would you like to see your life transformed?  Did you accomplish any of last years resolutions/goals?  How did you achieve them?  It's not to late to establish a new focus.  If you couldn't fail,  what do you want to see happen in 2020?  If you could do anything,  what would you do?  If money wasn't a problem,  what would your dream lifestyle look like?  What do you want your biggest triumphs to be by the end of the year?  What will you be most satisfied about completing?  I want to hear your plan and talk to you about how I can contribute to your success!!


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