The space between where you want to be and where you are now can sometimes be referred to as your 'anxiety gap'.  I'd like nothing more than to see you beat the pressure and to confidently guide you in discovering a way to manifest your ideal lifestyle gracefully.

Let's begin today with a complimentary self care assessment and from here we will see if my coaching program is a suitable fit for you.

Who can my coaching benefit most?  Anyone needing to upgrade any aspect of life and who is ready for a motivational mindset makeover that sticks.  The key to success is not only in recognizing the need for improvement,  but in making a decision to create this new constructive change.

I'd like to introduce myself and share a little bit about how coaching has assisted with my life's transitions.  My coaching journey began shortly after deciding to change careers but I wasn't very sure about what to do with my life.  I thought I knew what I should be doing,  and was neglecting what I really wanted to do.  I came across my first coach online,  and our conversation made what I wanted in life very evident.  Shortly thereafter,  I dropped the idea of going back to school to become an accountant and I opened my 'Wellness Business'.  I was so happy with the way my life was unfolding that I wanted to help others attain a higher degree of life satisfaction too,  so I enrolled in a life coach training.  Since then I've supported hundreds of clients in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle through self healing treatments,  classes and coaching.  

Coaches are active listeners.  In fact,  we strive to hear everything that is said very clearly,  and our goal is to repeat it back to our client in a way that makes your deepest desires more legible and attainable.  A good coach will not tell you what you should do,  rather,  she'll accentuate your own inner knowing in what needs to get done and keep you accountable to what you say you will do.  I truly care and I want to see you succeed in life!  So tell me,  when do you want to take time for you and assess your game plan?


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